3 Jobs You Can Get With An MBA Degree

16 February 2016
 Categories: Education & Development, Blog

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree gives you an edge in the global marketplace. It not only gives you an advantage, but it teaches you how to adapt in a constantly changing economy. If you are thinking about applying to a business graduate program, then you should consider what job you want to pursue. Here are three jobs you can get with an MBA degree.

Information Security Analyst

An MBA can lead to a career as an information security analyst. Information security analysts protect and monitor an organization's computer network and systems. A person's responsibilities in this position are constantly changing because of cyber-attacks. Most analyst positions require a bachelor's degree in a computer-related field. Additionally, employers prefer you to have an MBA. Information security analysts can make a median income of $88,890 per year. 

MBA graduates are preferred because graduate school gives you time to practice your networking and communication skills.  You are going to get plenty of opportunities. Many recruiters, major companies and alumni visit graduate programs. It is important to use this time to learn how to network effectively. Networking is a necessary skill for succeeding in information security.

Management Analyst

A management analyst improves the profitability and efficiency in an organization. If you want to stand out from the crowd, then you should obtain an MBA. Employers are looking for job candidates with experience in operations, an MBA with a focus on management and a certification in management consultation. The certified management consultant (CMC) certification improves your job opportunities.

HR Specialist

It is very competitive to become an HR specialist, and job candidates have to stand out from other candidates. People who work in this field work in human resource and work with employers. They have to perform a variety of duties from explaining benefits to training. When choosing courses for your master program, it would help to take courses in leadership development, talent development and organizational behavior. These courses can help prepare you for work as an HR specialist. HR specialists make a median income of $57,420 per year.

If you have a bachelor degree and are not happy with your current job opportunities, then you should sign up for a business graduate program. An MBA program allows you to explore your options. It also gives you the training to change careers. The business industry allows you to take your career in a variety of directions, from management to owning a business.