3 Ways To Encourage Kindergarteners To Learn How To Write

17 October 2016
 Categories: Education & Development, Blog

One of the great challenges of kindergarten is learning how to write. Your child's teacher will spend time in class teaching him or her the basics, but your child has a better chance of grasping the skill faster and with more accuracy if you are also encouraging and working with him or her at home. Here are some ways that you can help to reinforce what your child is learning.  

Create a Writing Station for Your Child

Your child is more likely to be excited about learning to write if he or she is made to feel his or her work is important. You can make your child feel this way by creating a special station or place for your child to write.  

For instance, you can place an assortment of writing tools and paper on a child-sized desk for your child. Ask him or her to help decorate the area in which the desk is. You can even call the area his or her office. Ensure that everyone in the family understands that area is solely for your child and that his or her privacy has to be respected.  

Start With Your Child's Name

Some parents choose to start teaching writing by practicing the entire alphabet. Unfortunately, learning how to write the alphabets is not always exciting to the kids and they end up losing interest in the project. To keep your child's focus, try to work on words that are exciting to him or her first.  

One of the best words to teach your child first is his or her name. Once your child has mastered his or her name, start teaching how to write the names of family members and friends. Try to also involve hobbies that your child loves into the lessons. For instance, if your child likes to look at comic books, teach him or her to write the names of favorite comic book characters or phrases, such as "pow" or "bam."  

Practice Writing During Mealtimes

Although you have probably cautioned your child against playing with his or her food, now is the time to allow it. During meals, ask your child to write out letters using the food on his or her plate. For instance, your child could use mashed potatoes or cauliflower to write his or her ABCs on the plate. 

When serving finger foods, such as chicken fingers, ask your child to move them in the shape of letters he or she has learned. Not only will you be making mealtime fun, but you will be working to reinforce what he or she is learning about writing.  

Talk to your child's kindergarten teacher about other ways you can help teach writing at home.