3 Skills The Montessori Method Gives Future Freelancers

15 January 2016
 Categories: Education & Development, Blog

The number of freelancers and self-employed people in America is growing. By 2020, it is expected that half of employed people will be freelancers or self-employed. With this growing trend, it is important that parents think about how they can prepare their children to be successful in a market led by small agencies and freelancers. While traditional teacher-focused schools can teach your children how to operate in traditional, hierarchical business models, the more free-form education associated with the Montessori method will give your child important skills that will help them be their own advocate in the business world. 

Communication With a Variety of People 

One key feature of the Montessori method is mixed age groups. Instead of being placed in a class with children their same age, a child attending a Montessori school often interacts with children 2-3 years older or younger than they are. This gives your child experience learning from others and teaching others, which are important skills that your child will need if they will build their own business. It also normalizes working with older children, which can make your child feel more comfortable breaking into the business scene as a freelancer at a young age as opposed to waiting until they are midway through their career. 

Creative Problem Solving 

Montessori schools focus on problem solving through meaningful play. This gives your young child plenty of experience building theories and testing them and a deeper understanding of cause and effect. This will help your child approach business problems creatively and create a flexible business plan based on their observations and expected outcomes. 

Identification and Pursuit of Personal Interests

The Montessori method is child-centered. This means that each child is encouraged to pursue their individual interests and are supported by teachers as opposed to being forced to learn specific skills and knowledge based on a standard schedule. This will help your child learn to identify their own interests and passions, which can help them decide what kind of work will be most fulfilling for them. 

The individual accountability taught in Montessori schools can help make your child more comfortable researching and developing their passions, which will make them more comfortable researching their particular business sector and forming their own business plan in the future. 

When choosing a school for your child, it is important that you select one that meets your needs at the moment and prepares your child for the future. A Montessori school like Franciscan Montessori Earth School and Saint Francis Academy may be able to do both of those for your family.