How To Replicate Your Child's Montessori Child Daycare Center At Home

15 December 2015
 Categories: Education & Development, Blog

Montessori child daycare centers use organization and simplicity to create a comfortable learning environment that children can explore safely on their own. The experience of attending a Montessori daycare can help children develop a sense of independence and can encourage children to learn and discover the world on their own. One of the ways that you can deepen your child's learning experience using the Montessori method is to create a similar environment in your home. By purchasing similar furniture and making your child's playthings and clothes accessible, you can foster learning much like your child's daycare center. These tips will help you with that task.

Purchase Furniture Your Child Can Use

One of the most important features of your child's Montessori daycare center is the child-sized furniture that is standard with any Montessori classroom. Low to the ground, easy to access, child-sized furniture teaches children independence while also giving them the opportunity to develop hand-eye coordination and develop practical life skills. For example, your child can be taught to put toys away as long as the shelves are on your child's level. 

Put Toys, Books and Clothes Low to the Ground

Give your child the option to get dressed, play with toys or look at books whenever he or she wants. By placing items near the ground so your child can access them, you give your child the option to make choices and decide on his or her activities. Your child will likely have the same kind of freedom at the daycare center. This freedom is the backbone of Montessori learning.

Reserve a Space for Child's Activities in Each Room of the House

Put child-sized furniture in each room of the house, not just in your child's own room. By installing shelves, chairs and tables that your child can use in the living room, kitchen, bedroom and other rooms of the house, you allow your child to move freely between rooms, acting and functioning with relative independence in a variety of settings.

Consult With Your Child's Teachers

If you're looking for more ways that you can make your home more like your child's Montessori daycare (such as Miniapple International Montessori School), consult with your child's daycare instructors. They can give you tips and advice on ways that you can conform to Montessori principles and make your home a safer environment for learning and playing.

Making these adjustments to your house will help you deepen the learning that your child experiences at daycare.