4 Tips For Marketing Your Private Christian School To New Families

4 August 2015
 Categories: Education & Development, Blog

In order to keep your private Christian school up and running, and in order to grow, you have to be able to reach out and connect with new families. Here are a few marketing strategies that can help you share the unique educational and personal value of a private Christian school education with new families. 

Keep Your Website Up To Date

One of your most effective marketing tools is your school's websites. Many schools set up websites and essentially forget about them. Don't be the school that only updates their website once a year.

One of the first things parents and children who are looking for different types of educational opportunities will do is look up information about your school on the internet. They will check out your school's website. If your website is extremely basic and only contains outdated information, you are not going to entice potential new families to want to look further.

What you need to do is make sure that your school's website is engaging and continually updated. Post information about upcoming events every month. After every major event, have students create a write up and photo layout that you can upload to your website.

Give each class or educational department their own page, and have them upload material at least every two weeks. If your teachers are not sure what to upload, provide them with a list of examples, such as:

  • videos of them teaching
  • videos of students giving presentations
  • videos of students reading essays
  • essays
  • photos of the class learning projects
  • student created pod casts
  • student created learning videos

Don't just tell people on your website that you offer a unique educational opportunity; make sure that you show them as well.

Get Involved On Social Media

Don't stop at a website. Make sure that your school has a presence on social media as well. Once again, many potential parents and students will check out your social media sites to see how often you post and update information. 

If you don't have the staff to keep your social media sites updated, consider seeing if your school yearbook or paper will take on the tasks and keep your social media accounts relevant.  

Hold Community Events

In order to reach new families, you need to open your school up. Hold community events that showcase your educational values as well as your Christian values.

Put on a children's fair or a children's camp run by your older students in the summer that teach about your faith through hands on activities and crafts. Open up your school parking lot for a Trick Or Trunk event and provide local families with a safe place to go trick or treating. Hold a Christmas concert or festival where families can come and celebrate the joy of the Christmas season together. Open up your science fair to the public. Try to find ways to bring members of the public into your school. Community events are a great form of outreach. 

Open Your School Up For Tours

Finally, in order to reach new families, open your school up for tours. Make sure that you advertise on your websites that tours can be arranged year round. You can even put out an advertisement in your local newspaper and ask local church to invite their members to come and tour your school in their church bulletins. 

If you want to connect with new families and increase enrollment at your private Christian school, you need to keep up with the digital age and make sure that you have an online presence. You also need to make sure that you are connecting with the community by holding community events and by inviting the community to come by and tour your school. 

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