3 Additional Things That You Can Specialize In During Cosmetology School

26 May 2015
 Categories: Education & Development, Blog

Going to cosmetology school is amazing because it teaches you so many different things about hair and beauty. Most schools just teach hair and some other basic skills like facials, manicures, and pedicures in their curriculum. However, a lot of schools offer additional courses that you can take, either after you have already finished cosmetology school, or while you are in school. These classes will cost an additional fee, but will teach you amazing skills that you will help to set you apart from other cosmetologists. You also may find that you enjoy the skill that you specialize in more than anything else, so you can spend most of your time as a cosmetologist practicing this particular skill. This article will discuss 3 additional things that you can specialize in during cosmetology school. 

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extension classes teach you how to apply fake lash hairs onto each individual lash hair that you have. These extensions are darker in color than most natural lashes, and they can also be longer and thicker. They come with different levels of curl as well, so your clients will be able to choose the exact type of lashes that they would like. During this class you will learn what tools to use to apply the lashes, as well as technique. You will be taught how to carefully apply tape to the bottom of your clients eye to pin down the bottom lashes. Then you will apply the glue to the top of your client's lashes and then stick the lashes on one at a time and press them into place. 

Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup classes teach you how to tattoo makeup onto your clients. This generally includes eyebrows, eyeliner, and lipliner. You will learn how to use the tattoo tool to carefully apply the permanent makeup, allowing you to have a steady and precise hand when working on your clients. This is an excellent skill to have because many women love the idea of not having to apply their makeup each time that they get up in the morning, and throughout the course of the day. 

Nail Technician

Although regular beauty courses teach you how to do manicures and pedicures, they do not teach you how to do anything else with nails. In order to learn more, you should take a nail technician class. This class will teach you how to do acrylic nails and gel nails. You will not only learn how to properly apply these different types of nails, but you will also be taught how to hand draw several different designs and patterns on your clients' nails. There are also stencils that you will learn how to use, along with glitter, and other fun additions. 

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