Common Catholic School Questions Addressed

26 February 2015
 Categories: Education & Development, Blog

It is an unfortunate fact of life that there are many school districts that do not provide students with a high-quality education. Luckily, there are many private schools that can provide you with another option for educating your child. In particular, Catholic schools are relatively common, but many people may have questions if they are just starting to consider this as a viable option. 

Do Catholic Schools Welcome Students Of Other Faiths?

If you are not Catholic, you may be under the impression that your child will not be able to attend this type of school. However, this is far from the truth, and Catholic schools welcome individuals of any faith. Yet, you should expect for your child to be heavily exposed to the Catholic faith while they are attending the school.

In particular, your child will be instructed in the Catholic faith because this is a part of the curriculum as these schools also prepare students for confirmation into the Catholic church. In addition to these educational materials, you child will also be required to attend daily mass because this is also a requirement of all the students enrolled in these schools. 

What If You Will Have Difficulty Paying The Tuition?

While many people may have children that are trapped in underperforming school districts, a lot of these people will never reach out to Catholic schools because they assume that there is no way they could afford the tuition for these institutions. Luckily, there are many schools that provide students with need-based tuition assistance. Often, this assistance is given in the form of scholarships or tuition reductions, but you will have to file and be approved for this type of help. 

The rules and requirements for financial assistance will vary depending on the school, and you will need to contact the financial aid or admissions department to determine what programs are available. Luckily, the staff at these institutions will usually do everything in their power to help your child get the assistance they need to enroll in the school. 

Catholic schools can be a great alternative for those that are worried about the performance of their school district. However, you may need more information before deciding whether this is an option that you can seriously pursue. By carefully considering these common questions and answers, you should find this difficult decision a little easier to make, and this can help ensure that your child receives the highest quality education you can provide. 

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