3 Ways To Encourage Kindergarteners To Learn How To Write

17 October 2016
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One of the great challenges of kindergarten is learning how to write. Your child's teacher will spend time in class teaching him or her the basics, but your child has a better chance of grasping the skill faster and with more accuracy if you are also encouraging and working with him or her at home. Here are some ways that you can help to reinforce what your child is learning.   Read More 

Important Tips To Consider When Your Child With Asperger’s Syndrome Wants To Learn To Drive

8 September 2016
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If your son or daughter has Asperger's syndrome, there are many modifications that you have probably provided them over the years in order to make life easier for him or her. Fortunately, it may also be possible for him or her to have modifications in place when it is time to take the written and practical portions of their driving test. Therefore, it is a good idea to be aware of the following tips so that your special needs son or daughter has the best chance of becoming a licensed driver in a timely manner. Read More 

What To Do When You Just Don’t Seem To “Click” With Your Child’s Preschool Teacher

3 August 2016
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You want preschool to be a wonderful and educational experience for your child, so if your child's teacher ends up being someone you just don't seem to "click" with, it's normal to feel a bit annoyed and frustrated. What's important to realize, however, is that your child's teacher could be a completely effective, excellent teacher in spite of not quite jiving with your own personality or preconceived expectations. Follow these steps to determine if there really is an issue that's worth worrying about and acting on. Read More 

Finding The Right Day Care Center For Your Child

13 July 2016
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When you are pregnant with your bundle of joy that is soon to enter the world, it is never too early to begin looking for day care centers. This is one of the biggest concerns for a new mother, because it lets you get back to work, while still knowing that your baby is well taken care of. For this, you should use these tips in order to find the best day care center that you can hire. Read More 

3 Reasons You Should Get Your Graduating 8Th Grade Student A Vocabulary Builder

13 June 2016
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If you have an 8th grade student in your family who will be beginning high school next year, you may wonder what gift you should give them. While educational gifts may not seem particularly fun at first, they can be an important way to help instill a thirst for knowledge in a young person you love. One educational gift that almost every soon-to-be freshman can benefit from is a vocabulary builder. Read More